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Amanda George Magazine Profile

Amanda George Magazine Profile

With a passion for color, a flair for perfumes and a pulse for potions, Amanda has come a long way from the homemade petal perfumes in antique bottles made in her grandmother's kitchen, to launching her much loved, indie haircare line in 2010.

Now, with her husband and her partner who has a background in hospitality and travel for 20 years, comes ROIL lifestyle.  A brand with its roots in Beverly Hills and a carefully-planned global entry into the world of travel and lifestyle.


It began in 2009, with Viceroy approached me about my indie haircare line Neil George.  I was asked if I would be interested in collaborating on an amenity line for the Viceroy Hotel Group. This exclusive collection was designed to carry a strong message about sustainability, because of the Group's passion for the environment. It was and has been carried throughout the group.


ROIL evolved a few years ago.  I had been creating custom oils at my Beverly Hills Salon for 10 years and had curated many great oils from all over the world. I am very passionate about them, and a true believer in their properties and abilities to ‘remedy’ a million things, and it suddenly came to me – ROIL.  An amazing name, it embodies exactly what I was trying to achieve, so we trademarked it, and began working on formulas.

We really wanted the packaging to be incredible; it had to be on trend but timeless.  We love the Viceroy Brand Culture and the grey packaging with the subtle gold caps and labels really embody that vibe and feeling.

The special blend of oils that I have created makes these ROIL products extremely special, super performing natural oils.  ROIL is more than this though, it is a lifestyle brand, with a different facet that all harmonize together, the products, the salons, style, travel and education.