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By artfully blending a passion for color, a fervor for fragrance, and an instinctive understanding of luxury, British-born celebrity colorist and international salon owner Amanda George joins forces with her husband, travel and luxury industry guru Emad Ghobrial, to open a new portal into the olfactory sphere with the launch of ROIL lifestyle.  The impetus to create Roil, was initially born in a five-star resort in Europe. Underwhelmed and uninspired by the hotel amenity line, it became abundantly clear to the duo that there was a significant void for upscale products that were both unique and memorable. This defining realization led to the inception of ROIL. With years of collective experience in both hospitality and beauty, the partners made a commitment to elevate the industry and introduce a compelling collection. 

ROIL (A little bit ROYALTY with a touch of OIL). ROIL is a lifestyle brand with different facets that all harmonize together: travel, style, products, and salons for discerning consumers.  Roil was born out of the desire to create natural formulas that are beneficial for us and to the environment. This aspect of the brand reflects Roil's commitment to aligning beauty with social consciousness.


Amanda George is an internationally acclaimed celebrity hairstylist behind some of the most iconic names and looks in fashion. From Charlize Theron and Victoria Beckham to Kate Hudson and Jenny McCarthy, Amanda is synonymous with perfect hair. A British native, Amanda moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s, where her signature technique and approach made her one of the best-kept secrets in hair. In 2005, she opened her own namesake salon in Beverly Hills, and in 2010 she created her own brand Neil George Hair Care. ROIL is the culmination of her multi-decade career—a combination of products, salons, and lifestyles around the world, embodying all the best that Amanda represents.


Emad Ghobrial is a pioneer of luxury travel and lifestyle products and services, a successful entrepreneur, and industry leader. He began his career in hospitality, including the development of The Peninsula Hotel Global Concierge service and the members-only luxury travel company known as Preferred Group. Now, with the launch of ROIL, Ghobrial takes the next step in a career devoted to finding, curating, and developing the best products and services for discerning clients around the globe.


As a long-time lover of oils, Amanda is renowned in the hair and beauty industry for incorporating healthy hair treatments into her work by custom-blending both locally grown and far-flung oils. Over the years she has become a strong devotee and specialist with this practice. All ROIL products integrate a select group of curated oils, carefully blended into each formula for natural skin and hair benefits. Cold-pressed Rosehip Oil, great for skin on a cellular level, is the secret behind many celebrity glows. Coconut Oil, potent with vitamin E, keeps hair and skin supple with silkiness due to its fatty acid structure. Amla (or Indian Gooseberry) Oil, Amanda’s favorite of all, is one of the strongest forms of Vitamin C on the planet and she has included it in all of her products since 2006; simply put, it’s a miracle oil. Sandalwood is a sophisticated and familiar scent used in India and Asia for thousands of years. It is known for its ability to enhance clarity and focus to its wearer and appeals to both ladies and the gents for being distinctive and unique. Chosen by the creators of ROIL out of a love for yoga and meditation, the blend is sensual, woody, and sexy, yet reserved.


We are long-time lovers of Amla Oil (also known as Indian Gooseberry Oil). This Indian super fruit is one of the most potent sources of vitamin C on the planet. It has been used for hundreds of years in India to enhance hair growth whilst reducing gray hair growth.


This oil is a celeb favorite for its rich proteins, minerals and linoleic acid. Its fast absorption enhances its powerful benefits for healthy skin and hair.


The gorgeous "Secret Of Bringha" is that this oil has been used as a powerful tool in the Ayurvedic world to correct many hair problems. A rich golden oil—it lubricates and nourishes.


A miracle oil. We use it in all our formulas for its incredible ability to enhance and moisturize both skin and hair. This is an oil that you can literally eat as well as apply it in its most natural form.


This scent represents a unique take on this traditional sandalwood scent enjoyed around the world. It has an undeniable unisex scent with notes of orange groves and
summers in the British countryside.


A skin superfood from the seed of the fruit of the Shea tree. Shea is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E & F. With a natural SPF, it provides protection, nourishment, and moisture.


This oil is a powerful antioxidant and a celebrity secret weapon in skincare. It allows small molecules of vitamin A to go deep into the skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improving texture and collagen for a flawless effect.


Green tea is well-known for its amazing antioxidant properties. When used in combination with other ingredients, it is a naturally powerful way to brighten the skin.


This native Southern Californian oil has soothing properties that calm the skin. Jojoba is known for unclogging the pores while simultaneously moisturizing and healing. It also promotes healthy hair growth.


Rice Bran is an Asian beauty secret that is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It keeps skin youthful and plump by improving its elasticity.


Aloe has a built-in SPF and is known as a skin moisturizer because it has the ability to trap moisture in the skin. It contains proteolytic enzymes that naturally cleanse dead cells from the skin, allowing the new skin to surface.


Rosemary is traditionally known in aromatherapy for its ability to stimulate the brain and improve memory and clarity. Rosemary oil helps to rehydrate and keep the skin toned while rejuvenating it for a fresh appearance.


Chamomile is a calming, peaceful oil with properties that remove irritation while hydrating, moisturizing, and adding radiance to the skin. Regular use will even out skin tone and help the skin to appear younger and more refreshed.


This root is known as one of the world’s great healers and it has been used for centuries by the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Chinese. It has brightening properties that make skin appear fairer. This root is also well-known for combatting dry skin and soothing eczema.