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Nancy Hirschbach

I love lotions and have a collection, but this is one of my favorite go to lotions along with the Roil body lotion. I use both regularly, the results are great along with the natural scent and results are hydrating, not sticky or greasy. This is a staple product with a good pump making it easy to use. I will be buying again!

Katie Trevino
Amazing Product!!!

I am a long-time eczema sufferer who often resorts to using topical steroid ointments which have thinned my skin over time. Roil is SUPER emollient without being greasy and has been tremendously HELPFUL for my very aggravated skin condition. I especially loved that it is 100% natural, cruelty free and local. Constant hand washing is really hard on an eczema sufferer, and yet it is 100% necessary during a pandemic. The fact that Roil was able to soothe my excema while the novel coronavirus persists says it all. Lifesaver!!!!! Thank you Roil!


This lotion has saved my skin on multiple occasions. I have eczema and often suffer from dry itchy skin, as soon as i start itching I use this and it helps instantly. Ive used many lotions to help and nothing has worked like this! The smell is amazing and it leaves me feeling smooth and amazing! Thank you!!


This is the best lotion I have tried. I suffer from bad eczema and I put this lotion on everyday and it helps so much. It cools my skin down and relives the itchy feeling. I have tried multiple lotions, even some made for eczema specifically, and none have helped as much as this one!! Thank you!

Robert S.
Had for first time at hotel-love it!

For the last 35 years, I have ALWAYS used a skin lotion after I shave to keep my face from getting dried out and also after I shower in the summer since I tan very deeply. Mostly Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. A hotel in Scottsdale had this as one of their toiletries and I was blown away at how well it worked and no alcohol or burn or dried out after a short while. I'm going to be buying this for sure even though it's priced about 8x's more than anything I ever bought before. Great product!