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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carlos Sanchez
Excellent conditioner

I have pretty thick/curly hair so anti-frizz is a must. ROIL conditioner provides a shine and even finish on my hair and ensures my hair stays manageable and wonderfully scented.

Samantha Stueben
highly recommended

great conditioner! you can really tell the difference between this stuff and the competition. All the anxtioxidants and vitamins make a difference to shine your hair while protecting and rejuvenating. I've also found since I have dry hair it is SO moisturizing. Thank you ROIL


This is an amazing conditioner that leaves your hair smooth and silky. It has the perfect consistency and doesn't feel too heavy! A must have!!

Abbi Donovan
New Fav!!!

This is the perfect conditioner. I feel like i'm really TREATING my hair, not just making it softer; because of all the oils and vitamins that are in it!!! When I used my other conditioner my hair wasn't NEARLY as soft or healthy looking. You really get a lot for what you pay for. I've had mine for about a month and there's still like 3/4ths left! Strongly recommend. I dont see myself going back to my old conditioner.

Philicia Endelman
Favorite conditioner!

I love this product so much - I've been using it for almost a year and haven't wanted to buy anything else! Here in LA, the air is really dry and this conditioner leaves my hair like it's had an intense conditioning treatment every time. No frizzies and easy to style and shiny too!